Functional Keychain Organizer

 Simplified & Functional Keychain Organizer      Keychain Organizer
Before designing this NEW Functional Keychain Organizer it was me searching for that perfect Keychain...Well, I never found it and just decided to design my own, to what I thought would work for future customers and I. My dislikes of key rings were how uncomfortable holding your keys felt in your hands or pockets and I have always hated the sound of loose change and keys jingling as well. And the last thing I disliked about key rings was having to remove the car key when I valet my car or taking them off to give it to the shop mechanic. HATED IT! 
So I hand crafted a leather pouch with a cord system to pull up and down to hide keys not in  constant use, this also felt awesome in my pocket and doesn't even make a single noise. My favorite part of the NEW Keychain Organizer is the quick release hook on the exterior which makes it simple to remove your key fob.